Leeds Point, New Jersey

Leeds Point is an unincorporated community located just a few miles north of Absecon New Jersey. Leeds Point features a staggering array of wildlife and breathtaking coastal expanses. One can not deny the amazing sight of peering down the glistening road on a warm summer's morning wet with dew. Impressive cedars and pines hug the roadway that seem to gracefully transform into tall reeds swaying on either side in the gentle sea-like breeze. As Leeds Point road comes to an end at Oyster Creek, the beginnings of Great Bay engulf the viewer as endless salt marsh gives way to an ecosystem that is both historic and crucial to the survival of the diamondback terrapin. 

Home of the Jersey Devil

The tale of the Jersey Devil (or Leeds Devil) is a household name here in Leeds Point. The man turned devil has been a legend for over 200 years, captivating hikers, thrill seekers, and weird NJ lovers. The trickster himself was said to be born in Leeds Point in 1735, to Mother Leeds, who at the time already had twelve children to care for. Out of frustration, she cursed the child before he was born, condemning him to transform from baby boy to beast...or devil. He is a staple in the New Jersey pines with sightings and tales stretching from Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, and of course all of southern NJ. 

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About the Artist 

Kathy Anne English

Kathy Anne English is a self-taught artist and business woman, living in Sweetwater, NJ. She was raised in southern New Jersey, surrounded by the beautiful Pine Barrens and Jersey shore. It's her passion, love, and great appreciation that captivates her audience in her stunning artwork. Please visit her site by clicking here.

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